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Collage of photos with Apis Cor 3D house printing construction and finished house

Housing Innovations

Santa Barbara County is a region where it is difficult and expensive to develop affordable housing. Local impact fees, environmental review, construction costs and time delays make development extremely expensive, and it is not unusual for one to two-bedroom units in an affordable housing project to cost over $500,000 per unit. These costs are simply too high to be affordable to local residents without extensive layering of limited financial subsidies. HTF has decided to embark on a new Housing Innovations Program to research and demonstrate innovative technologies that reduce the cost of constructing affordable housing and encourage sustainability through the use of natural, recycled, climate resilient and fire-resistant building materials and state-of-the art energy systems.

3D Printed Affordable Home

Apis Cor printer and staff

Our first project is to sponsor the construction of a prototype 3D printed affordable home in collaboration with Apis Cor, an engineering firm that was a NASA finalist to develop housing on Mars. Apis Cor has developed a state-of-the-art 3D printing robot that can print entirely on-site an earthquake reinforced concrete 407 square foot home in 24-hours for a cost of $10,000. The technology is scalable to any sized home. Apis Cor and HTF have entered into a collaboration to construct the first 3D printed affordable home in Santa Barbara County using this innovative robotics construction technology. 

The first model will be a small one-story home to demonstrate 3D printing technology. We plan to incorporate energy efficient systems and sustainability features into the design of the 3D printed affordable home, including a solar photovoltaic system and drought tolerant and/or edible landscaping, among others. The prototype home may target households with special needs, such as low-income families, farm workers, persons with disabilities or homeless persons. We will evaluate the 3D printing technology’s ability to reduce the time and costs involved in constructing an affordable home and publish the results of the demonstration project. 

Apis Cor staff working with 3D printer

We would like to engage the community in the planning and design of the project through sponsoring a Design Charette with the Santa Barbara AIA and hosting community presentations for local schools, business and civic groups. We may also partner with the UCSB Bren School of Environmental Science to study the environmental and life cycle impacts of the 3D printed home. The community will be invited to view the 3D printing of the home. We will document the process using multi-media techniques so that we can disseminate the key findings of the prototype 3D printed affordable home project. 


Download the 3D Printed Affordable Home Description (PDF)



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