Workforce Homebuyer Program

Courtesy of The Towbes Foundation

The Workforce Home Buyer Program provides low-to-middle income home buyers down payment loans, which enable them to secure conventional financing and removes financial barriers to the dream of home ownership by lowering home acquisition and carrying costs. Our loans enable qualified working families to buy a home that provides a stable residence that strengthens the family and the neighborhood.

Program Purpose

Our innovative Workforce Homebuyer Program provides downpayment loans of up to $50,000 in Lompoc, $75,000 in Carpinteria and $100,000 on the South Coast.

Program Benefits

Our workforce homebuyer loans enable employees to put down roots in a community and allows employers to attract and retain high quality employees that are vital for a thriving economy and vibrant communities.

South Coast Program Information

In the fall of 2017 the HTF launched a South Coast Workforce Homebuyer Program. This $2.5 million homebuyer assistance program provides 10-year simple interest only down payment loans up to $100,000 to help low to middle income workforce homebuyers in South County purchase a home.

South Coast Area Map 2017

South Coast Area Map

Carpinteria Program Information

HTF provides 30-year deferred shared appreciation down payment loans up to $75,000 to help low to middle income workforce homebuyers purchase an entry-level home in the City of Carpinteria.

Lompoc Program Information

HTF launched the Lompoc Homebuyer Assistance Program in September 2016. The program provides 30-year deferred down payment loans up to $50,000 to help first time low income homebuyers.

For South Coast and Carpinteria
Information Contact:

Yvette Lounsbury
Homebuyer Loan Administrator
Housing Trust Fund of Santa Barbara County
(805) 845-3585

For Lompoc
Information Contact:

Chanel Toledo
(805) 875-8041